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Acquiring leads is hard

Let's make it easy!

Introducing Lead Genie

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No more spending your time building your sales pages
No more spending your otherwise productive time researching topics for your newsletters
No more banging your head over your new advertisement tagline
No more writing out lengthy blog posts, then optimizing them for SEO.


More time to make money
More time to relax
More time to make sales

Give it a quick test

Enter in a keyword and location to start searching for leads instantly

What exactly is Lead Genie ?!

Lead Genie Screenshot
Stupidly simple lead generation app
Cloud-based. Nothing to download
Give it a keyword to look for, and a location to in. Then it goes out and scours the web looking for leads for you. It's really that simple!
Once the leads have been sourced, it gives you an intuitive dashboard to track your sets of leads and easily browser, filter or search through them.
Let's you download the reports as excels sheets (xlsx) or comma separated files (csv)


Search Feature
Instant Search

Quickly search through leads by business name, address, state, zip or phone

Search results are shown as you type

You can download excel sheet or csv file that only shows the searched results

Details Feature
Lead Details

Selecting a lead displays its details, including a map depicting it's location

Details are shown immediately so you can cycle through leads without delay

Cluster Map Feature
Lead Cluster Map

All leads in a report are shown in clusters across the map to help you understand how the leads are spread across the map

You can zoom in and out to explore areas around the map

Filter Feature
Advanced Filter

You can easily filter your leads by ratings, the number of ratings given and/or by the number of reviews

The filters are applied immediately on the leads

You have the option of downloading the lead report for only the leads that you have filtered in

New Report Feature
Easily Create New Report

The process for creating a new report is very simple. Simply enter in a keyword and location, and submit.

The system will start fetching fresh leads for you instantly.

Download Feature
Download XLSX / CSV

You can download your lead report as an excel sheet or a comma separated file

If you have searched and/or filtered the leads, you have the option of downloading only the filtered leads. This will help you customize your downloadable reports easily


Leads are drawn from the following sources:

Yelp Source
Google Source
Yahoo Source
YellowPages Source
Yellow Pages
More Sources Coming Soon
More coming...

The following data is available for each lead:

How can I make money from Lead Genie ?

Business Owner

We specialize in B2B leads, so Lead Genie is the perfect solution for your business. Start by purchasing a single full report. This will give you a 1,000 leads for target industry in your local area. Then you have a bunch of options to make money:

Directly engage your leads and sell your business products and services
Download leads as a CSV to import into auto dialers, CRM or other marketing solutions
Download leads as XLSX to manage your leads in Excel
Search and filter leads to narrown down leads that you can more effectively target
If you need a whole lot more leads, subscribe to our agency plans


Subscribe to our agency plan and start selling our leads to your own clients. If you don't yet have any clients, now you have something to sell to new clients.

Great for work from home moms and just about anyone who wants to make easy money

Profit Calculator

Lead Genie Agency Plan Monthly Cost: $199

Your Monthly Revenue: $2000 (5 days a week)

Your Monthly Profit: $1801 (x9 ROI)


Sign up as an affiliate and make a generous commission with every sale!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lead Genie?

Lead Genie is an online cloud-based lead generation app. Leads are extracted from various sources based on your search criteria, and displayed to you for reviewing or downloading

Are your leads really fresh?

Absolutely! The leads are extracted after you submit your report for generation.

Most online lead provisioning tools on the internet will sell you old rehashed leads sold over and over again. We do not do that. We strive to give you the freshest possible leads.

What are your sources for extracting leads?

Currently, we extract leads from Yelp, Google, Yahoo and the Yellow Pages. We have a lot of sources coming in the next few months.

Do I always get 1,000 leads per full report?

No, as much as we strive to give you the full 1,000 leads in a full report, sometimes there aren't enough leads available for a given search criteria.

Can I cancel my subscription plan at any time?

Unfortunately, we don't currently have an option to automatically cancel a subscription. You will need to contact us to have your subscription cancelled. We will do so promptly.

Simply send us an email and we'll cancel your subscription promptly. Your subscription will still run for the remainder of the month you paid for.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately, we don't currently have an option to automatically cancel a subscription. You will need to contact us to have your subscription cancelled. We will do so promptly.

What if I don't get enough leads in a report?

You can contact us immediately with your email address and report details, and if we deem that the report has indeed fewer leads than it should, we will attempt to correct the issue immediately. If the issue is, for some reason, cannot be corrected. You will be refunded your credit for that report. The credit will need to be used within the same month.

What if I'm unhappy with Lead Genie?

Contact us to let us know why you're unhappy. Perhaps we can figure out a way to ensure you get all that you expected out of Lead Genie.

If I purchase a one-time report, can I upgrade to a subscription plan?

Of course! You can upgrade to a subscription plan at any time.

I would love to have a feature added to the app

Great to hear that! Contact us and let us know what you have in mind. We'll see what can be done to implement it. We really love hearing from you!

Do you offer a white label solutions?

Contact us by email to discuss: whitelabel@leadgenie.me